Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Taking a little break from cards

I have to say, the rubbish weather over Christmas was quite a blessing for me, as it gave me a lot of rainy days to make cards and increase my stock levels for the start of the 2012 markets.
Having lots of cards ready and waiting has given me the chance to enjoy a bit of painting.  I haven`t picked up a paintbrush for 3 years and had a craving to throw some paint around.

We have a blue signature wall in our kitchen that is in desperate need of some colour, and so on Saturday morning, I woke up early and got painting...and boy did I enjoy it.  

So that brightens up our kitchen a little!  My university work was always very abstract and I very rarely worked with colour so I really enjoyed creating something so vibrant yet simple.

So that's a little side of me that I haven't explored recently, but as I found it so therapeutic, I may well make a habit of it... xx

PS.  A busy weekend ahead for The Little Card Factory, on Friday evening, you will find me at The Silo Park Markets, followed by Saturday morning at the newest market to hit Auckland, The Titirangi Handmade Market.  And don't forget, you have 2 more days left to get FREE SHIPPING on your Valentines card orders.  

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  1. There is nothing like lovely bright art work, one cool design, cheers Marie