Saturday, 17 March 2012

One year on....

After umming and arring about whether to share this or whether to hide it in a box where it would never be seen again, I have decided to share it...on 18 March 2011 I played around a produced what was going to be the start of The Little Card Factory, here it is....

It didn't even have an envelope, so goodness knows what I was hoping would come of it!!   These are the 'tiles' that I originally produced to use as blocks to create a 3D effect.  I decided to experiment and add letters to the tiles, and do you know what, I was so chuffed with this card!! So chuffed in fact, that I decided to make some more.  Apologies for the photo; at the time of taking it I didn't realise that a year later I would have my own business making cards!! You get the idea though!

So that is how it all started!  Luckily, I quickly developed the tiles so they were all the same size and straightened them out a bit!!

Now, one year on, I am proud to have a growing collection of designs and some very happy customers!  This year has been fantastic, and I am so lucky to be part of such a happy arty crafty community.  So thank you to all of you that have helped me this year!  

As a special Thank You to everyone for their support, I am offering 40% off all cards on Etsy until the end of March.  Just enter Coupon Code TLCF1BIRTHDAY at the checkout to receive your discount.  xx

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